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Users are 4x more likely to open transactional emails than marketing emails

However, you are often limited by outdated templates in your shopping carts, or the triggered emails you are sending aren’t as focused as you would like because of other limitations. Reality is, that nearly 70% of the email that businesses send is transactional, yet less than 5% of companies actually spend time using them for marketing purposes. To recap, businesses send transactional emails more than any other type, they have higher open rates, higher click through rates and yet they are still given little attention in terms of engagement and revenue potential. and sendwithus combine to increase your options with our easy integration via Zapier. See all the power of and its many integrations for yourself!
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Why are you leaving transactional emails under optimized?

Often triggered emails aren’t consistent with your branding, have flexibility limitations on the layout and even have broken html. Additionally, many businesses don’t focus on using their transactional emails as a marketing opportunity to promote their business socially, upsell customers, ask for referrals, etc. sendwithus allows you to do segmented marketing, provides analytics, drip campaigns, A/B testing and more. Turn your transactional emails into a branding, marketing and conversion powerhouse, along with providing the information they already had…

How can mailparser help me with transactional emails?

Well this is an easy one. We parse all of your emails for you. Got a shopping cart order? How about a contact request? Maybe a user added product to their cart and you want to engage them to aide in conversion? Even an action as simple as a newsletter signup can be an opportunity to supercharge your outreach with parsing all the pertinent data you want to send to your sendwithus account, and then you simply send the emails from their platform, instead of the one you currently “rely” on.
Sign up for a account, send your first emails to the email parser, then send your parsed data on to Zapier and sendwithus. Below is a screenshot from the mailparser >> Zapier >> sendwithus integration.
sendwithus transactional emails
Simply sync up your account and your sendwithus account through a Zapier webhook and the rest is history. Start building beautiful templates, providing loads of information on your transactional emails, then sit back and watch the improved engagement, customer happiness and profits roll in. Don’t be limited by the underwhelming options of your platform provider anymore.

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