How to Manage Auto Leads with Mailparser

auto leads

Car dealerships and automotive companies receive a steady stream of emails each day—from simple customer inquiries to complex order notifications. The task of sorting through these emails and copying relevant data from them by hand is both monotonous and time-consuming. That’s where Mailparser steps in. Our powerful email parsing tool helps you manage auto leads […]

Automate Online Food Delivery Orders the Easy Way with Mailparser

automate online food delivery orders

With easy setup and an intuitive platform, you can quickly transform the struggle of multiple order systems into an automated, error-free database. Thousands of businesses have turned to Mailparser to streamline their workflows and automate online food delivery orders.Since 2014, delivery and digital orders have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic. Because of this massive increase, […]

Automate Customer Emails with Mailparser 

Automate customer emails with Mailparser

Does your business feel adrift in a sea of incoming contact requests, offline chats, and email leads? If so, it’s time to upgrade from the endless task of manually entering customer data to simple, speedy data automation. Rather than juggling hundreds of customers’ valuable information by hand, you can automate customer emails, organizing them and […]

5 Ways to Hack Help Desk Automation With Mailparser

5 ways to hack help desk automation with Mailparser

If your support team is constantly racing against the clock to respond to customer emails and help requests, it’s likely that inputting your data by hand is a primary culprit. Not only is manual data entry tedious and time-consuming, but it can also lead to costly errors, disorganization, and delay. Rather than tying up your […]