10 million emails processed

We hit a big milestone last week. 10 million emails processed since we launched in 2013. To put this into perspective…

  • It would take a little over 19 years for 10 million minutes to pass
  • You could make 250 trips around the Earth at the equator, if travelling 10 million kilometers

What does that mean to Mailparser?
We have been fortunate to have an amazing client base that has grown with us over the years. With your help, we have added new features, additional filters, an improved interface, templates for common parsing needs, more Zapier and native integrations, & more.
The Mailparser team just wanted to shout-out that we are grateful for your patronage. mailparser.io currently has happy clients all over the Globe, and is the go-to email parser for businesses from a wide range of backgrounds.
We will continue to grow our offerings & our core contributing team, while innovating with the help of your valuable feedback.
Thanks again!
Moritz and the Team
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