is more than just a software

We are a self funded software company, choosing quality over quantity. We take pride in delivering the best possible solution for our customers.

We are on a mission to help you automate your business

Launched in 2013, has rapidly become the go-to email parser for businesses worldwide. Founded by Moritz Dausinger, former CTO of WEEZEVENT, & Co-Founder of Wooticket, has grown from a creative “pet” project, into a powerhouse email processing solution. Our hands-on support and agile development team, has sparked innovation, while addressing client needs in hours or days, instead of weeks. With a robust clientele, ranging from Professional & Service Companies to top Start-up’s, our solutions are a match for millions of companies. Going forward, will continue to grow our debt free, self-funded platform, choosing quality over quantity. We continue to innovate and launch new offerings, like our PDF parsing solution DocParser, to those in need.

We take pride in delivering the optimal solution is an email processing and workflow automation SaaS for small/medium sized online businesses. We provide a set of powerful & reliable tools for extracting data from incoming emails and attachments, (leads, order confirmations, shipping notices, system updates ..) and automatically transfer the parsed data to Excel, Google Sheets, your CRM & 100’s of other 3rd party APIs. These solutions literally give you hours back each day, as you avoid any manual data entry and review, while keeping the integrity of the data intact, (no human input error). The days of manually entering data from email into your favorite CRM, Spreadsheet or 3rd party API’s are over.

We are a remote team dedicated to customer success has selectively grown our team with top talent, from across the Globe. Our remote team is strategically situated to ensure quick response and excellent support. Joshua Harris, Lead Support Analyst, assists clients with technical solutions, trouble shooting, and other account Q/A from his Florida office. Joshua is an expert in account set-up, and seamless integration to your cloud & local export environments. Tom Kincheloe, Head of Growth, assists the team implementing client feedback into UX/UI upgrades, while introducing to new markets. Tom has a successful history of scaling organizations, while implementing process and growth initiatives for eCommerce & SaaS/Technology companies across the Globe. Tom is headquartered in Bali. Moritz Dausinger, Founder and CEO, guarantees platform stability and oversees product development. Engineer by trade, Moritz is the CEO of and coordinates the team from Paris. These are just a few of our team members that support’s quest to be the best email and document parsing solution on the planet.

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