New Trello card from Email

Would you love to turn your incoming emails directly into a Trello card, and save the manual input? gives you powerful & reliable tools to extract any kind of data from recurring emails. Once parsed, your data can then be used to automatically create a new Trello card.

New Trello card from Email

About the Trello integration

Trello helps you organize your business by keeping projects on track. is a powerful email processing and workflow automation solution. With and Trello together you can automatically generate new cards in Trello with data parsed from emails.

Visit our getting started with email parsing blog article, which provides you with steps and a video tutorial of just how easy it is to start extracting email data. This Trello card from email integration is powered by Zapier and you can get more information about it here.

What you need…

This Trello email integration is brought to you by Zapier. Next to a account and a Trello account, you will also require a Zapier account.

How it works…

  • Create an account with
  • Forward your emails to your private inbox
  • Create parsing rules isolating desired card data from your imported mail
  • Send parsed data to Zapier
  • Send card data to Trello from Zapier

Say good-bye to manual data-entry …
Extract data from incoming emails and automate your business.

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