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Supercharge your email workflows with our Zapier email parser Do you need to move data from recurring emails to Zapier? is a powerful and robust email parsing solution that works hand in hand with Zapier. Try our Zapier Email Parser today. About our Zapier Email Parser Integration offers an easy way to extract […]


Zendesk - Mailparser Integrations

Extract contacts, notes, even attachments from email and push to Zendesk, automatically. Build solid relationships, with great customer experience, and spend less energy each day. About the Zendesk integration Our Zendesk integration allows you to extract text from emails and attachments, and push to your Zendesk account. Make it easy on your customers, and provide […]

Google Sheets

Google Sheets - Mailparser Integrations

Move Email Data to Google Spreadsheet Do you receive hundreds of recurring emails which have important data trapped inside their body? With it becomes easy to extract data from emails and use the data to automatically update a Google Spreadsheet. About the Google Sheets integration is a powerful email processing and workflow automation […]

HTTP Webhooks

Webhook - Mailparser Integrations

Email to REST API Want to parse data from emails and send them to a RESTful API? Our webhook integrations let you send parsed email data to any HTTP endpoint on the Internet. About the HTTP Webhooks integration Email parsing is a convenient and efficient way to pull data fields from incoming emails. Email parsing is […]

JSON File Export

JSON - Mailparser Integrations

Convert Emails to JSON Data Does your business receive important data via semi-structured emails? lets you parse data from incoming emails and gives you an easy-to-handle JSON object in return. About the JSON File Export integration is a powerful email parsing and workflow automation solution which can easily convert Email to JSON data. […]

Microsoft Excel

Excel - Mailparser Integrations

Parse Emails to Microsoft Excel Do you receive loads of emails that have important data stored in their body? With you can easily extract data from incoming emails and automatically convert email to Excel. About the Microsoft Excel integration is a powerful email processing and workflow automation solution. With it becomes easy […]

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word - Mailparser Integrations

Convert Word to Excel via Email with Mailparser If you regularly receive DOC or DOCX email attachments, Mailparser can automatically extract this data from Word to Excel. Save time, money, and improve accuracy Mailparser is a powerfully accurate email processing and workflow automation solution which allows users to create custom parsing rules, extract key data […]


Slack - Mailparser Integrations

Post Email Notifications to Slack Have Slack channels become your companies preferred method of communication? helps you to parse any data from recurring emails and send it to a Slack channel or Group. New orders, new contact requests, form submissions, leads from 3rd party lead generation sites, etc. can all be pushed directly to […]

XML File Export

XML - Mailparser Integrations

Parse Email to XML Forward recurring emails to and get structured XML data in return About the XML File Export integration includes native XML file export functionality. It’s so easy to convert email to XML. Once you’ve parsed the data you wish to download, you can create a XML file direct download link specific […]